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#OneforTLOS: TrueLogic Spreads Joy at Nayon ng Kabataan

‘Tis the season to be grateful. This may not be how the popular Christmas carol goes, but TrueLogic believes there’s no better time than now to give back to the community and be more grateful for what we have. On December 13, we conducted our very first corporate social responsibility (CSR) event dubbed, One for TLOS (The Love of Sharing) at Nayon ng Kabataan in Mandaluyong City—a haven for the abused, orphaned, and abandoned children. When we learned we’re set to bond with kids in a day of f

#StopStreetHarassment: 8 Pinays Speak Up about Catcalling

Head down. Look straight. Earphones in. Walk quickly. Don’t make eye contact. Look behind every now and then to make sure you’re not being followed. This is exactly how many women toughen themselves when walking down a street to drown out all the “Hi miss, ang ganda mo naman,” and “Ate, pwedeng pa-kiss?” remarks. When you’re a woman living in a big city like Manila, these things become an ever-present part of the background noise while walking to and from school or work. We know they’re there,

7 Affordable Meal Plan Providers in Metro Manila

I’ve been struggling to lose weight ever since I can remember, and now that I have a nine to six desk job, it’s been a lot harder to shed those extra pounds. A few months ago, I ate at fast food chains and karinderyas during my breaks. Now, with the boom of diet delivery services, I found an effective way to really budge the scale. I signed up for a meal plan, and it saved me trips to the grocery store. Plus, all the food decisions are made for me right off the bat. The weight loss, however, c

Cancer Is Not a Death Sentence: 5 Breast Cancer Survivors Share Their Stories

You never think it will happen to you. But with 3 out of 100 Filipino women diagnosed with breast cancer every year, it’s a distinct possibility, no matter how much you may want to deny it. And if it does, it will feel like you’re in the eye of a hurricane, seeing the world around you fall apart. The treatment will sometimes seem worse than the cure, as the chemotherapy will leave you feeling ill all the time, your hair will fall out, and you’ll lose weight. You may need to undergo a mastectomy,

#SweatEatOut2015: TrueLogic Goes to Anilao, Batangas

TrueLogic took the word “teamwork” to a whole new level last June 27 and 28 as the company came together for this year’s summer outing event: #SweatEatOut2015. Set at the amazing Olympic Point Island Resort in Anilao, Batangas, #SweatEatOut2015 was filled with exciting challenges, competitive spirit and just pure fun. We cheerdanced, kayaked and partied our way to what is now a more tightly bonded family. Days before the outing, the entire company was divided into two major teams: Team Itamar a

7 Mistakes Job-Hunting Fresh Grads Should Avoid

After years of homework, projects, reports, exams, and the dreaded thesis, you’re finally done with school. You’ve rested up and had a few final adventures before striking out with the intention of joining the ranks of young professionals in the metro. If you think the hardships are over just because you graduated from college, you’re dead wrong. Life doesn’t start and end within the four corners of the classroom—and that’s a lesson us former fresh grads have learned the hard way. Most of us ha

Is the Tradition of Ligaw Dead? 7 Modern Couples Share Their Thoughts + Courtship Stories

“Uso pa ba ang harana?” That’s the first line from the Parokya Ni Edgar song “Harana,” and it basically sums up the “disappearing” old school Filipino way of courting a girl. Between mobile phones, social media, and the influx of Western ideas when it comes to dating, some say the tradition of “panliligaw,” or courtship, is nearly extinct in today’s relationships. Aside from harana, we can hardly see the other old school ways of courtship, such as paninilbihan, where a suitor does chores for the

You Are Strong, You Are Beautiful: 5 Signs You're an Alpha Female

This quote doesn’t mean that you have to misbehave or be scandalous to earn a name for yourself, but it does mean you have to be willing to challenge ideas about what is proper and acceptable as well as willing to pay the price for it (if that means being labeled scandalous, then so be it). It’s a celebration of women who simply know how to master the art of balancing power, strength, and ambition with femininity. It’s a celebration of the females who choose to be defined by their courage to go